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There are a number of reasons, such as the age of the home or its location, for which insurance companies won’t insure a Frisco, TX home. Frustrated buyers have a resource into which they can tap called the voluntary inspection program. Hiring a voluntary inspection program inspector will get you a certificate of insurability.

The house has to meet standards such as:

  • In good repair
  • Wiring, plumbing, and HVAC in good condition
  • Roof not leaking and in good condition
  • Fencing around pools, ponds, other bodies of water, and trampolines

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For What Reasons Would An Insurance Company Not Insure A House?

Today’s world is more perilous than it was back in the day. Nowadays, the crime level alone would stop a Frisco, TX insurance company in its tracks. Add to this the last few years’ proliferation of catastrophic storms. Your credit numbers could have fallen below the level at which the insurance company would insure you. Even getting a new puppy could do it (they’ll chew the baseboards if there aren’t shoes to chew.)

What Happens When You Get The Certificate Of Insurability?

It means that no insurance company can deny you coverage unless it (a) inspects your house again and (b) puts it in writing. The certificate is acceptable for three years unless you alter the property considerably. If you do, the insurance company can have the property inspected again. You might also be required to produce a statement that the property hasn’t been modified much.

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