Pet Insurance

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    Coverage for your favorite friend

    Pet Insurance

    Coverage for your favorite friend

    We understand what it’s like to be a pet parent: Pets are part of the family. So, when Buddy the dog swallows the baby’s toy or Mittens the cat eats part of a plant — or worse yet — Buddy is diagnosed with cancer or Mittens develops diabetes, pet owners are faced with the balance between providing the best medical treatment possible with financially crippling veterinary bills. This is the time to learn about great pet insurance plan options from Figo Pet Insurance, LLC (“Figo”). Figo is underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company. 

    More Than Just Pet Insurance

    Beyond coverage, Figo’s Pet Cloud gives you the tools you need to manage your pet’s entire life including access to a live veterinary professional 24/7 if an emergency should arise. File a claim right from your phone and get paid electronically. 

    • Virtual Vet: Peace of mind at any time of the day.
    • Connect: Interact with other pet parents around you.
    • A.I. Claims: Makes the claims process super easy.
    • Inbox & Docs: Keeps your pet’s records in one place.

    Pet Insurance Plans from Figo

    Figo offers three pet medical insurance plans with customizable deductible and reimbursements options based on your pet’s medical needs and your budget. Since these plans are based on a reimbursement model, you are able to visit any licensed veterinary practice, emergency hospital or specialist anywhere in the world.

    And as a Figo pet parent, you’ll receive access to Live Vet chat via your Figo Pet Cloud mobile app — so whenever you have an urgent pet medical question, you can connect with a licensed veterinary professional anytime, anywhere.  

    The Figo Pet Cloud app:

    Wouldn’t it be a timesaver to access Buster’s medical records, the location of the nearest dog park, and chat with a live veterinary professional whenever you have an urgent medical question—all from the same mobile app? What if you were also able to file claims straight from your mobile device and chat with other pet parents? Introducing the Figo Pet Cloud: Your pet’s life at your fingertips. Best of all, it’s free to Figo pet parents.  

    Health Insurance for Dogs and Puppies

    The bond between humans and dogs spans the duration of our lives (and theirs). So, whether your (very) active puppy eats a sock or your older pooch develops hip dysplasia, dog health insurance plans can provide a financial safety net. Simply visit the veterinarian and submit your paid vet bill for reimbursement. As early as eight weeks and without upper age limits, you can find and customize a plan that’s right for your dog. And coverage will not end simply because of age, giving you more time to spend together on important things—like puppy play dates, fetch, and snuggles on the couch. 

    Health Insurance for Cats and Kittens

    From an eight-week old kitten to a senior cat, our cat insurance plans cover Fluffy throughout her life to give you the freedom to focus on what’s important. You have the option to choose from one of three plans with reimbursement percentages and annual deductibles that suit your budget. Once you choose your plan options and sign up, the rest becomes easier. So, whether Fluffy has a urinary tract infection or takes a bite out of your Spring lily, for a manageable monthly fee, you can purchase a cat health insurance plan and reduce worry from unexpected veterinary costs for your cat’s medical care. 

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    Pet Insurance FAQs

    Pet insurance helps pet owners manage the cost of veterinary care for their pets. It typically covers medical expenses related to accidents, illnesses and sometimes routine preventive care.

    Pet insurance can provide financial assistance in covering unexpected veterinary costs. It allows pet owners to make decisions about their pets’ health based on what’s best for the animal rather than being limited by financial constraints.

    Pet insurance coverage can vary, but it often covers costs associated with accidents and Illnesses including diagnostic tests, surgeries, medications and hospital stays as well as some preventive care and prescription medications.

    Pet insurance typically works on a reimbursement basis. Meaning, when your pet needs veterinary care, you would submit a claim to the insurance provider. Once the claim is approved, you are reimbursed for eligible expenses, minus any deductible and co-payment. Payments are typically not made directly to the provider, and you must pay out of pocket for the upfront costs of care.

    Most pet insurance providers cover dogs and cats, but coverage for other pets like birds or exotic animals may be limited.

    Pet insurance premiums are based on factors such as breed, age, size and location, as well as the coverage options you choose. Generally, premiums for older pets or specific breeds may be higher.

    Pre-existing conditions are typically excluded from coverage. It’s important to enroll in pet insurance when your pet is young and healthy to maximize coverage.

    Most pet insurance policies allow you to choose any licensed veterinarian. However, it’s essential to check the policy details, as some plans may have preferred networks.

    It’s advisable to get pet insurance when your pet is young and healthy. Waiting until your pet develops health issues may result in exclusions for pre-existing conditions.