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Keeping your home safe and sound often involves more than simply locking up at night or installing a security camera. There are many things that can affect the security of your home including needed home repairs. There are certain repair jobs that if neglected, can drastically impact the safety of your home. Here at Quote Savant, we want to help homeowners in Frisco, TX and the surrounding areas better understand how to increase home security.

Let’s take a look at house repairs that affect home security:

Faulty Windows

Windows are a vital part of home security. Windows are especially important because there are so many of them throughout your home. You really must consider that each individual window is another entry point into your home for would-be criminals. This is why securing your windows and keeping them in proper working order is vital. When window integrity starts to fail, you might wind up with a security issue.

Wooden windows are susceptible to rotting which makes it very easy to gain access. Locks on windows can also wear out over time and become easy to loosen. Make it a point to check the integrity of your windows a few times a year. If you find repairs are needed, do not procrastinate. 

Old Locks 

Locks are not usually at the top of our list of priorities when it comes to making home updates, but the truth is that locks absolutely need to be updated if they are starting to wear out. You’ll know you have a faulty lock because it will either become too easy or too difficult to unlock. Door knobs that seem loose in the door are another sign you might need new locks. 

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