Collision Insurance

by QuoteSavant Team | Auto Insurance

Liability insurance is required by law, but it’s not required if you have additional coverage like collision and comprehensive. If you lease a vehicle, you need full coverage insurance, which is usually a combination of liability and collision or comprehensive. If you are still determining if you need comprehensive or collision coverage, reach out to an insurance expert at Quote Savant, serving the residents of Frisco, TX and surrounding areas. 

Collision vs. Comprehensive

People who lease their vehicle from the dealership or finance their vehicle need liability, collisions, and comprehensive. However, if you own your own vehicle, you can choose which coverage you need aside from liability. Understanding the differences in coverage is essential because they cover different events and risks. 

Collision insurance covers accidents involving an impact on another vehicle or object. This coverage option also covers accidents with a rollover. Comprehensive coverage covers your car impacting with animals, damage resulting from severe weather, fire, theft, or any other damage caused by various external causes. It’s a good idea to have both types of coverage if you have a newer vehicle under ten years of age. It is, however, possible to choose one or the other. 

The best way to know if you should have both coverage types is to consult a qualified insurance agent. They can sit down with clients to discuss their specific needs and situation to determine which options work best for them. 

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