Classic Car Insurance

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    Coverage for an old friend

    Classic Car Insurance

    Coverage for an old friend

    Classic. Vintage. Old. Antique. However you describe it, your well-aged auto is a mobile piece of history that deserves the utmost protection. Ensure your classic is covered for every part, every mile, every memory.

    Why You Need It

    Unlike a conventional car that depreciates the moment you drive off the sales lot, the opposite is true for a classic car. As a result, you need an insurance policy specifically geared toward protecting the appreciation value of your collectible.

    The definition of a classic car varies from one insurance company to another, but one common thread is appreciation. While the value of your classic car is greater than its original sales price, the agreed-value coverage between you and your insurer is crucial when considering policy options. Determined by valuation, independent appraisal or other supporting documentation, your car’s agreed value guarantees the coverage amount at the time the policy is issued.  

    A classic car insurance policy typically includes:

    • Collision: provides coverage for damage to your classic car after an accident
    • Comprehensive: provides coverage for all other incidents that may occur, apart from collision, including theft and fire damage
    • Liability: provides coverage for property damage and injury to third parties
    • Spare parts: provides coverage for the purchase of replacement parts
    • Roadside assistance: provides coverage for services like onsite mechanical support and towing
    • Unlimited mileage: provides coverage for all the miles you drive

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    Classic Car Insurance FAQs

    The definition of a classic or collector car can vary, but generally, it includes cars that are older, well-maintained and used for recreational purposes and not daily commuting.

    Classic car insurance is tailored to the unique needs of vintage vehicles, and most importantly includes agreed value coverage, which means the insurer and the car owner agree on the car’s value, considering factors like its condition, rarity and market value.

    In many cases, yes. Classic car insurance premiums are often lower than those for regular auto insurance because classic cars are typically driven less frequently, are well-maintained and are less likely to be involved in accidents.

    Classic car insurance policies often have usage restrictions that limit the number of miles you can drive annually. The intended use is usually recreational or for special events rather than daily commuting.

    Yes, most classic car insurance policies will cover modifications or customizations, but it’s essential to disclose these changes when obtaining a quote. The agreed value may take modifications into account. Also consider that high horsepower or racing modifications should be disclosed as well.

    Yes, classic car insurance often includes coverage for events such as auto shows, exhibitions or parades. Discuss how you plan to use the car with your licensed QuoteSavant expert as cars that aren’t actively driven and are exclusively used for shows may be eligible for lower rates.