Umbrella Insurance

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You have insurance, but now you want to know if you should purchase an umbrella policy too. It kicks in to cover the costs of any judgments against you that are above the dollar policy limit of your principal or first policy. We at QuoteSavant, which serves Frisco, TX, can guide you in selecting umbrella insurance.

Umbrella Insurance Prepares for the Unexpected

One reason you may buy umbrella insurance is to protect your personal or business assets. Consider your net worth. A judgment against you could exceed the limits of the current auto, homeowner’s, liability, business, or other policy you have. In that case, your stock and bond holdings, savings, investment property, business and more could be threatened.

Of course, bodily injury and property damage as causes of lawsuits come to mind. But don’t forget slander or libel. And if you’re a business owner, what happens if your client’s personal information is compromised?

Activities and Occupations

Your pastimes may make you think more carefully about purchasing umbrella insurance. If you own certain dog breeds and or a swimming pool or trampoline, you may have a greater need for it.

Do you participate in activities such as hunting or skiing? Do you own a recreational vehicle (golf cart, motorcycle, motorboat, etc.)? Are you or your children frequently on social media?

Do you coach youth sports? Are you a photographer or a financial planner? Speak to one of our agents to learn if your occupation is likely to benefit from having umbrella insurance.

Talk to QuoteSavant About Umbrella Insurance

To learn how umbrella insurance can help you, have a conversation with an insurance agent. Serving Frisco, TX and surrounding communities, we at QuoteSavant are ready to answer your questions. Call us today.

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