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If you’ve had your homeowner’s insurance policy for a while now, you may not be aware that it needs updating just like your auto insurance does. Keeping your policy updated helps ensure that you have the coverage you need in case of unforeseen events. At Quote Savant, serving the Frisco, TX area, we’re committed to making insurance both understandable and indispensable by making sure our clients have policies that truly fit their needs.

Is It Time to Update Your Home Insurance Policy?

If you’ve recently made changes to your home, it may be time to update your insurance policy to reflect those changes. This is especially true in the case of home renovations, which can have a major impact on the value of your home for insurance purposes. You would also want to update your policy if you’ve recently invested in better home security, as this can sometimes result in a discount on your policy cost.

Another reason to update your policy comes in on four legs – while coverage for dog-related incidents is included in most policies, it’s still essential to notify your insurance agency about your new family member first! You might also update your policy if your life circumstances have changed. For example, if you’ve retired, changed jobs, or now work from home, it’s important to notify your agency.

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