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Texas RV Insurance Coverage

RV Insurance

Coverage for your home on the road

Quick trips to the woods to year-round travel, your RV is your home on the road. Ensure your adventure doesn’t come to a halt with an insurance policy that covers campsite collisions to falling rocks and all things in between.

Why You Need It:

Since an RV serves as part home, part vehicle, it can be confusing to know which type of insurance policy to purchase. If you drive a motorized RV on public roads, most states require RV insurance with at least the state-mandated minimum liability coverage. If you tow your RV, however, it’s covered by the insurance policy on your main hauling vehicle. Additionally, if your RV is your primary residence for most of the year, a policy similar to home insurance is needed.

RV insurance coverage options:

  • Collision: provides coverage for damages sustained in an accident
  • Comprehensive: provides coverage for all other incidents that may occur, apart from collision, including theft, vandalism and fire damage
  • Contents: provides coverage to replace personal belongings inside your RV, including camping equipment, electronics and clothes
  • Full-time: provides coverage similar to a homeowner’s policy when you reside in your RV for more than 6 months a year
  • Roadside assistance: provides coverage for services like towing, gas delivery, battery jump-starting, and other roadside repairs

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