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Texas Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Motorcycle Insurance

Coverage for the ride of your life

They say time is never wasted when it’s spent on two wheels. But, what about money? Riding an uninsured bike leaves your investment wide open for damages that can wreck your financial future. Protect your motorcycle with a comprehensive policy that covers all the ways you ride.

Why You Need It:

In most states, it’s illegal to operate a motorcycle without insurance. Not only does a policy protect you from financial loss due to vandalism or theft, it also covers property damage and medical expenses for you or other injured parties resulting from an accident.

Motorcycle insurance typically includes:

  • Property liability: provides coverage to an individual whose property sustained damage during an accident
  • Bodily injury liability: provides coverage for medical expenses for an individual who was injured during an accident
  • Collision: provides coverage for damage to your bike after a collision
  • Comprehensive: provides coverage for all other incidents that may occur, apart from collision, including theft and fire damage

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