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Texas Flood Insurance Coverage

Flood Insurance

Coverage for when disaster strikes

Torrential rains and hurricanes to busted water lines, just an inch of standing water in your home can create absolute devastation. Be prepared for when disaster strikes with a flood insurance policy that provides a financial safety net.

Why You Need It:

Nearly every part of the U.S. is at major risk for flooding and it’s possible that your property is designated as a high-risk flood zone by FEMA. Despite the potential for floods, however, most home insurance policies don’t cover this peril, which means you’re vulnerable to thousands of dollars in out-of-pockets costs should the worst arise.

The U.S. Congress established the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in 1968 to reduce flood damage and offer protection to homeowners, especially those who live in high-risk regions. Even with NFIP, it’s important to consider an additional policy that can bridge the gap between the program’s max benefit and any additional damages.

A flood insurance policy typically covers:

  • the physical structure and foundation of your home
  • plumbing, electrical, central heat and air
  • attached structures like the garage and patio
  • personal belongings like furniture, electronics and appliances

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