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Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Insurance

Are you new to buying auto insurance? Do not fret. While it is required, it is not a big hassle to purchase it.

At Quote Savant we can help clear up any confusion you may have about purchasing auto insurance in or around the Frisco, TX region. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Insurance

  • Is auto insurance legally required in Texas? Yes, you need basic liability coverage to cover the cost of an accident if you drive in the state of Texas. If you have your vehicle financed, the financier will likely require you to have full coverage insurance to protect their assets entirely. 
  • At what stage do I buy insurance while purchasing a vehicle? If you already have a vehicle and insurance policy then you can add another policy or switch your trade with a phone call in most cases. If you are entirely new then you will discover it is easy to purchase the insurance right at the car lot by phone or on the internet and have your required insurance before you leave the lot. 
  • Do I need to keep full coverage after my vehicle is paid off? Legally you have no obligation to keep full coverage insurance. However, it is a good idea because you will be under more protection than if you reduce your coverage down to the state’s minimum requirements. 

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